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Motorcycle Power Restrictors

Jonesies Motorcycles are able to provide plus fit a large number of power restrictor kits that reduce standard power down to a legal limit. So now you can ride the bike of your dreams, the bike that spurred you on to passing your test in the first place. At the end of your restriction, simply come back in and we’ll get the restrictor taken off and you can enjoy your machine at full manufacturers power!

If you have a 46.6bhp (35kW) restriction, your motorcycle cannot be restricted to more than half of its original engine power. Example: If the original unrestricted power of your motorcycle was 60kW, you can’t restrict it to less than 30kW. An integral part of these kits is the certification proving that once correctly fitted the device/s will restrict the power output of the detailed machine to 33bhp (25kW) or 46.6bhp (35kW) depending on what (A2) licence you hold.

These certificates are supplied by us to enable you to conclusively prove that so long as the restriction device/s are still correctly fitted then the machine will not produce any more than 33bhp or 46.6bhp.

For Whole Vehicle Type Approved machines after 2003 these certificates also include details of component type approval and full EU compliance.