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Jonesies Motorcycles Prices

Chain Adjustment: from £5

Correct chain adjustment and maintenance is essential for a safe and long-lived road ride, preventing the chain from snapping or even slipping off the rear sprocket. Regular maintenance can also significantly increase the life expectancy of your chain and sprockets. From as little as £5.00 and taking only a few minutes, it's worth popping in now and again to avoid heartache.

Wheel Balancing: Free with any tyre fitting.

A standard check which we undertake whenever a new tyre is fitted, wheel balancing involves the fitting of small adhesive weights to the rim of your wheels in order to counter-balance the valve load. Occasionally, after hitting a kerb or pot-hole, these weights can be knocked loose, resulting in a speed wobble. Should you experience a vibration from the wheels when travelling at speed, it's probably worth bringing your bike to us for a quick once-over.

Oil & Filter Change: from only £34.95

Regular oil and filter changes can increase the life expectancy of your engine. It is advisable to consult your owners manual as to the frequency with which this should be done. We offer a complete oil and filter change from as little as £50, but this shouldn't prove necessary if you bring your vehicle in for servicing at scheduled intervals as we will do this as part of that service.

Motorcycle M.O.T:

As a legal requirement, the annual MOT is a series of safety checks on your vehicle. Covering simple things such as the legal tread depth, correctly functioning and aimed lights through to safely operating braking systems and wheel bearings. This check is also worth doing if you are considering selling your vehicle as it effectively increases the market value by considerably more than the £24.99 that it costs!